What is a superfood?
A superfood is a food that is rich in nutrients, like antioxidants or fiber, that are beneficial to one's health. Superfoods can enhance energy levels, decrease cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and improve general well-being. They can even help fight and prevent cancer and other diseases!

Why do you use so many ingredients in your products?
We approach our products as if they were multivitamins; we want to provide a broad spectrum of nutrients that each benefit your body in a different way. 

What makes the Triple Chocolate Cookie triple?
Our Triple Chocolate Cookie mix has 1. organic, all-natural cocoa powder, 2. organic dark (85% cacao) chocolate chips, and 3. organic semisweet (46% cacao) chocolate chips.

Are all of your products completely gluten-free?
Yes- we carefully source gluten-free ingredients from a variety of conscientious suppliers. We even test our mixes once prepared to ensure that our products are gluten-free!

Are all of your products completely organic?
We source ingredients from the best and most natural organic farmers and suppliers in the US. While all of our products are non-gmo, they are not all organic. There a just a few ingredients, like salt, which is mined rather than grown, that cannot be made organic. However, everything that can be organic is!

Your directions call for more liquid than other recipes. Why is that?
Our mixes contain many more unique ingredients than your average recipe. The superfood ingredients like chia, flax, konjac, (and more) soak up all that liquid and act like an egg to provide form and texture to your baked goods. 

What does non-GMO mean?
GMO stands for genetically modified organism, so something that is non-GMO has not been genetically engineered in any way. We don't use GMOs because they pose potential threats to both the environment and your health. 

Can I recycle the package?
Yes! Please see our Creative Sustainability page for more information.

Can I make pancakes out of the waffle mix?
Of course they won't get as crispy as a waffle, but you can definitely make pancakes out of the waffle mix!