"Very light but truly holds together and flavorful unlike other gluten-free foods. I loved it!"

"Fluffy, delicious, great leftover in the toaster the next morning for the kids!"

"Tastes like happiness!"

"Outstanding texture and taste!"

"Fluffiest gluten-free waffles!"

"Mom! We can have cookies for breakfast?!?!"

"I love using the cookie mixes for gluten free family members! If you've tried gluten free cookies you know that many are rather tasteless. These cookies are crispy and delicious - whether you are gluten free or not!!"

Waffles... We need more. Literally, amazing. Fluffy, delcious, great leftover in the toaster the next morning for the kids.

“My daughters made me the waffles for Father’s Day... best waffles I’ve ever had! Excellent!”

“I make a mean waffle and these beat mine!”

“The waffles were so good that I ate them with way less toppings/syrup/honey/almond butter/etc. than I normally do!”

“Nice and crunchy and delicious”

“World’s best healthy chocolate!”

“My daughter said she doesn't care if this is gluten-free, it tastes so good!"

“You can’t even taste the healthy”

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“The Belgian Waffles are the BEST waffles I've EVER had full stop. The flavor is perfect with the light and fluffy consistency, that I couldn't even tell they are gluten-free and vegan!All I had to do was add some almond milk and coconut oil! the VOILA- A perfect breakfast!


"Belgian Waffles were DELICIOUS. They have a fantastic nutty flavor and filled with over 15 organic superfoods. They are so light and fluffy with the perfect amount of crispiness. We added in blueberries because blueberry waffles are the best! Highly recommend!