One Bowl, One Spoon

One bowl, one spoon, one minute of prep time!

One of the best things about our baking mixes is how easy they are to make! In approximately one minute, you can add your liquid and your oil to your bowl of waffle or cookie mix, stir, and BAM you are ready to roll! 

As one of our customers said, "I'm usually bad with directions, but this makes it easy!"


  • For an extra crispy, flatter cookie, (especially with the Ultimate Breakfast Cookie, as those tend to be more round and fluffy than the other cookies) push down your portion of dough a bit so that it flattens better while cooking.
  • When you add things like nuts or dried fruit, you get even more cookies! Check our our Get Creative page for some amazing add-in ideas. 
  • When making the Belgian Waffle Mix, as the superfood fibers expand, the batter will thicken. Add liquid as necessary to keep the batter pourable.